Fashion Glossary 
Gaiter: material covering instep or ankles, sometimes extending to knees.

Galerus: a round cap of animal skin worn by hunters and peasants.

Gallants: small ribbon bows worn in the hair and throughout clothing.

Gallouses: braces or suspenders.

Garde-corps: garment for both sexes which replaced the surcoat. It was loose and flowing, often sleeveless or with short wide sleeves.

Garnache: robe that was often worn for extra warmth.

Garnement: each of the individual pieces which composed a robe, in the Middle Ages. The word today is garment.

Gaucho: wide-legged pants or divided skirt reaching mid-calf and worn with boots.

Gigot: often called leg-o'-mutton. Sleeves which a very wide at the shoulders and then taper at the wrists.

Golillia: Spanish for standing collar around the back of the head.

Gonelle/Gonne: long tunic that was worn by both men and women in the Roman periods. The word is related to the English word gown.

Gorget/Gorgerette: any accessory covering the neck decorated with silk, linen or fur. This progressed into the neckerchief and finally into the ribbon choker.

Greaves: costume accessory covering the leg from the ankle to the knee.

Guards: borders either plain or decorated to conceal the seams.

Guimp: short chemise that is often worn with very open dresses, made of tulle or other light materials. Originally was the word used to describe the light cloth women wore around their necks and faces during the fourteenth century.

Guleron/Collet: part of the chaperon covering the shoulders.

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